Welcome to Strabane Mills

Strabane Mills Ltd is a well established family business with 90 years experience of producing quality feeds. Originally oatmeal and provender millers, this small business has thrived amongst its larger competitors as it has successfully adapted to meet the challenges of changing trends in the industry over the years.

We have been manufacturing flaked cereals for over 65 years but recognised more recently the demand for a superior form of flake to be introduced into the increasingly varied blends and mixes in animal feed production. Since then we have focussed our resources on refining the flaking process of barley, maize and peas to make it ideally suited to our customer's needs.

Through research based investment we have built a state of the art flaking plant where application of the latest techniques has resulted in a product of the highest quality. We are now the only mill exclusively dedicated to steam cooked flaking in Ireland.

As the reputation of our product has spread our business has increased throughout Ireland and we are now proud to supply the majority of the merchants and other feed mills in Northern Ireland.

  • Agricultural Industries Confederation
  • KIWA
  • UFAS